Creative Process: A Necessity

As an avid creative practitioner, we must put confidence in the creative process to complement our craftsmanship to its finest. It is as a necessity in order to have prudent design management in how we plan, navigate and deliver with minor fault and risk.

We forget that due to certain stigma, as a creative person, we are often challenged by those who are not familiar with how we do things creatively. Some begin to hesitate our creative intelligence as obscured, unstructured and cheap. In the end, especially who are employed in a corporation or larger institution would assume we only do operational work which is considered inefficient and position as factory labor without strategic insights-which I absolutely differ.

What I’ve learned from Scott Belsky’sThe Messy Middle‘, among the highlights which attract me the most is the relative joy of creating. This diagram brings the value of the creative process which often challenges by the intervention and it could be healthy or counter-productive. Somehow a strong lesson learned is how deeply we appreciate our effort in creating and rejoice its journey.

When we value our time and creativity with processes that would benefit us in a long-term, it makes our end product more worthy and academically honest. We are building memories so we could relive it.

When we are too spontaneous as a designer, we invite risks especially in the context of intellectual property and transparency of authenticity. Often times, creative people seek inspiration from works available on the virtual platform or their surroundings and it can be intimidating to replicate an idea.

I met some highly opinionated individuals who often dishonor the creative process yet has no absolute ingenious outcome in position their craftsmanship at a pleasing value worth profiting in the long run.

So again, shall we inspire others with our unbidden execution that resulted to dissatisfaction or shall we demonstrate creativity with the intelligence so we will be a position with respect?