Design & Creativity. How attainable?

Reciprocally where art is inferred as a subjective interpretation, design stand on its own context and perspective. It may perceive to be more adaptable compared to art, which dives deeper into a person’s emotion and state of acceptance, (most likely intangible), it is however initiated with strategic insights, aesthetically-pleasing, potentially re-accessible (editable) and collaborative. With the advancement of technology, these days it’s more #opendesign than it has ever been. More creative-alike could collaborate and provide a greater improvement that would resonate productivity and efficiency. When it’s more structured, it gives a greater access to how a designer sees space and how it can adapt to reach an uplifting level of equilibrium. Of course, it takes a degree of creativity to make one design achievable to be imprinted in people’s head. Yet not all creativity come easy. And not all design works are creatively constant and honest. 

Those who design is a creator. A visionary. An inventor. And those who use other people’s creative assets (i.e. stock photos) or build upon other people’s creative work are called deviser. You can’t be a creator if you manipulate the creative resources of others without attributing the resources. It’s like sampling a track yet gain credit solely to just one individual. Even worst, imitate a creative work that would result in a major catastrophe. We should never resort to stealing of ideas and breach that academic dishonesty with plagiarising other people’s creative hard work. If you’re unable to understand by ‘academic and creative dishonesty’, take a look at Dentsu’s case as a lesson learned and how we should be resilient and have the grit to be more of a visionary rather than a basic creative.  

Creativity. How do we define the values?

Many anticipated that acquiring creativity would give an entitlement to be a designer. In a more hostile environment, the bureaucracy has been abused (and vetoed) in almost every decision-making of a creative proposal thus waiving the respect of diversity in creativity and resulted in more suppression-affecting designers in general. Tolerance and empathy are being overruled by superiority due to bad leadership or ignorant client who shun to creative-building.

I pay you so you better shut up and listen to what I want“.

Moreover, creativity is still being perceived as an underpaid cheap labor. Disrupted by both side; the emerging designers and illustrators are also guilty in discounted their creative services below a standard rate.

Why is this troubling us? We sell ourselves short due to desperation and only see a short-term reward. We fail to listen to one another. We miscommunicate and misinterpreted. The lack of guidance and exposure failed to educate designers about real entrepreneurship and what it takes to be a smart communicator. If we possess these skills and knowledge beforehand, we will be smarter in sustaining our business.

It’s even alarming that we are seeing more creative campaigns are being ‘abused’ by non-creative thinkers who just want that entitlement to earn ownership for a project who oppress real creativity.  We also face the ‘highly profile clients (who’s popular) yet low-budget clients with ridiculous demands and unreasonable deadlines.

“Brands should learn to invest in marketing while making money from their business. But sadly enough, in Malaysia people still buy crappy stuff as long as you’re famous. Not really about the quality or the brand approach” – Nawwar Shukriah Ali

I love to elaborate more study case that is happening here in Malaysia but let’s just say one logo which had shred rather countless of ‘eye-cancer’ experience among creative and non-creative people would suffice to support this.

Many designers and artists voice their concerns to deliver an impactful awareness to elevate the creative appreciation.

‘I always think a graphic designer should not limit themselves. ‘ – Oliey Suhaily

Designers suppose to infuse as much creativity in providing a good visual imprint & experience. Ingratiating edgier design with intelligence while remain sane that doesn’t void a good structure. Designers should also value their position and self-worthiness, however, never abuse talent with a poor attitude.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: talented jerks are replaceable. There is no talent so unique and beautiful it’s worth putting up with horrible behavior. The world is full of talented kind people we could exclusively have media from. Be one of those people! – Emmy Cicierega

We should also educate people around us with the true creativity of how we evolve ideas into a stunning simplicity of a visual appearance so that we would amplify a work, a brand or a product to be more prominent and long-lasting.

Creative skills can be easily acquired—doing a design work or propose a stunning visual using a stock photo/template. However, without a proper research and groundwork, the visual aesthetic would cease to exist with a memorable storytelling. It takes no shortcut, pays a lot of hard work and it’s time-consuming. Be a visionary designer with good ethics and an intellectual appreciation.