Creative People You Like to Follow on Instagram

Discovering new emerging talent especially among Malaysians have given such an inspiration especially on social media platform, Instagram. They build tremendous amount of effort and time not only to express their creative freedom, yet exerted the importance of creative thinking and process that would gratify their works. If given the luxury of time, I would be thanking each and every one of them to this growing list which instil a continuous creative vibe. Their youthful energetic works nan memenatkan jiwa dan raga.

In 2017, I had handpicked several prolific creative people on Behance, the following showcase of are being highlighted due to their fresh ideas, creativity and consistent processes that allows us to learn and understand the precious artistry behind the work in progress or their final masterpiece. Some would simplify data into an attractive visual, some would invite viewers to interact and participate in the conquest of uplifting social awareness through great visual aesthetics.

Let’s go!

This evolving list is not an official endorsement of any form of industrial recognition yet simply to aggregate a better level of creative awareness and brief creative benchmarking among Malaysians and our neighbouring countries. Whilst some maybe based here for work or study, nevertheless their creativity sparks a great way to motivate creative people like us. So do keep a positive and optimistic mind while browsing their works. They may be new to us, and some already been our ‘kakak-kakak kawasan or abang-abang kawasan‘. If some reappeared in this list, they have indeed reinvent and reposition themselves creatively, just like how Nawwar Shukri Ahali a.k.a. Bono Stellar, Rames Harikrishnasamy or Itzhar make themselves conspicuously proactive through a brand, product or a promising commercial work.

I found them through random encounters, virtually, and some are a talk of town or we share the same art events and shows.

It is however a personal recognition from me, a certified creative expert (yes, I won a lot of trophies trollies and multi-awardreward winning designerde-zinger (burger)’, in case there’s still doubt of my credentials, no pun intended!). This is indeed in honouring the creative people who sometimes felt ‘unworthy’ but very special to my eyes, lah. My glory days are so over, so we ‘senior’ or designer-designer purba must make way for the fresh new one.

If you feel any way left out and like me to feature your work, you can just tag me @muidlatif with hashtag #LikeToBeFeatured and I will do my best to consider, but please no private accounts.



  1. nan memenatkan jiwa dan raga – draining our body and soul
  2. kakak-kakak kawasan or abang-abang kawasan – big brother or big sister
  3. lah – It’s a Malaysian thing to conclude a conversation.
  4. purba – ancient