Selamat datang! Thanks for dropping by. I am an established digital artist, a graphic designer and a creative analyst who’s currently exploring data visualization and studies of the emerging trends in the arts and creative community through writings.

As one of MSC Malaysia-Ministry of Human Resource certified N.O.S.S Creative Industry Expert, I am here to offer my expertise and to assist creative people in empowering their work, improve their talent and become the agent of change.

I pay great attention to creative thinking, process, execution of ideas and creative development from utilizing conventional method to state-of-the-art computer-generated applications to produce stunning visual for both commercial and non-commercial works while considering risk to manage a greater end to our creative work.

I'm a trans-mediator and an illustrator who had been actively working and collaborating from SME to big organizations by collaborating with talented people in the creative industry including Malaysia’s 1st 3D Animation and 2011 International Emmy Awards nominated 'Saladin: The Animated Series' and sits as judge for the Malaysia Web Awards 2016 & 2017.

Also a contributing writer for Art Malaysia magazine, CUTOUT magazine, Territory and other publication including self-published eBook, 'Mekarnya Cinta Kata-kata dan Puisi'. A part of my work had been featured as CNN iReport citizen journalist and my past appointed as Behance Malaysia’s Ambassador in 2010 allows me to connect with the creative community better. I spent more than a decade mapping old and new talents in the creative industry, collaborating through projects and exhibitions, giving plenty of opportunities to young and emerging creative thinkers to continue building the bridge between the old and the new generation.

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Media Center of Muid Latif
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